Camo Still Rocks the Street in 2018

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Camo Still Rocks the Street in 2018

Once reserved for military personnel, hunters, Army-Navy shoppers and survivalists, camo style is trendier than ever on the streets.   While camo has always been the clothing of choice for outdoor sports enthusiasts, it made its way to high fashion on the spring/summer 2018 catwalks as a standout trend for men’s street style.  Many designers mixed the utilitarian print with a variety of business and casual pieces in a micro-trend for women's collections.  Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, the Kardashians, and Hollywood stars continue to show up in entertainment media wearing cool ensembles that include camo.

Camo Jacket Outfit on the street

Ways to create a unique statement look with this surprisingly versatile print are limited only by your imagination.  Whether styling a camo jacket with plain pants or building a look around a pair of camo trousers or shorts, you can’t go wrong by adding the print to your wardrobe. A camo jacket adds a fresh vibe to the mix, while camo pants are a refreshing departure from the usual classic denim. Jeans, by the way, look fantastic with camo tees and tanks.  You can also opt to make this print a part of your athleisure apparel and wear it over workout clothes, or style it over t-shirts and lightweight separates.  For men (who always look fantastic in camo), pair camo or traditional olive drab tactical BDU pants with tactical boots to a more tough-guy edgy look.  Women can do the same for a seriously adorable look with fitted tops and loose-fit camo pants that look great downtown or in the burbs.

Flattering camo look for women with fitted crop top and classic camo pants

There are more subdued camo print options available if your style is more minimalist, or if you're not a huge fan of prints.  Digital camo, desert camo, or Realtree print tops coordinate beautifully under jackets and blazers with jeggings, jeans, or pencil skirts.   Subdued camo paratrooper fatigue pants for women are amazing as lightweight sweatpants and pair nicely with solid color fitted tops.  However, because camo is a print designed for blending into a variety of surroundings, you’re sure to find a discrete pattern in subtle tones for creating a cohesive, pulled-together ensemble that embraces the style.

Great camo style with tactical boots for women

About Fashion Camo:

Camouflage gear was, of course, designed for the military to blend into field environments to minimize discovery.  But the exact opposite happens in town, where camo stands out as a style statement.  Most fashion camo prints available for civilians (except military surplus), are copies of classic military patterns or designer modified prints, with fabrics that are lighter in weight.  Fashion camo duplicates several types of military models originally designed for different field locations, the most common of which include:

  • U.S. Woodland camo:  Classic print typically associated with camouflage that was issued by the U.S. military from 1981 through 2000, and is still in use by military personnel around the world.
  • Desert Camo:  Effective in Middle East field activities.
  • Digital Camo (or MARPAT):  A U.S. Marines pattern in multiple variants.
  • Tiger Stripe Camo:  Originally issued for Vietnam field operations.

With its origins in military issue clothing that is still worn by hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts, replicated and emulated repeatedly on the streets over time, camouflage is one of those prints that will never go out of style.


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