100% Alpaca Fingerless Knit Alpaca Wool Gloves

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We all need quick access to our smartphones, even in chilly weather.  These lightweight fingerless 100% Alpaca wool gloves are just right, and keep you nicely warm.  Rib kit is longer than most similar glove styles to cover the entire wrist, or is cute folded over.  Simple, elegant, and stylish, many people wear them inside larger outer gloves in bitter winter weather.  And they are sized for both men and women.  Alpaca wool contains no lanolin - naturally non-allergenic, soft, and never scratchy against the skin.

USA designed and hand crafted in Peru.

Materials:  100% Alpaca wool

Size:  One size fits most.

Recommended care:  Hand wash in lukewarm water, in baby shampoo.  Hand to air dry, or dry on a rack.  Do not tumble dry.