Organic Wool Killington Mountain Hiker Sock

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Made in North Carolina, USA    Made of 75% certified organic merino wool     Certified organic merino wool

Thick and plush Killington mountain hiking socks are made from certified organic merino wool, the softest known fleece in the world.  Constructed with a thick inner cushion throughout the sock for softness and warmth, with enough nylon (29%) and spandex (1%) to hold shape for a lightly snug fit.

Organic merino wool is by nature, non-allergenic, and naturally wicks up to 35% moisture away from your skin, for sweat free comfort throughout your hike.  This certified organic merino wool sock is environmentally safe and machine washable.  

Made in North Carolina, USA.

Materials:  70% Certified Organic Merino Wool, 29% Nylon, 1% Spandex

Available Colors:  Olive, Black

Recommended Care: Turn socks inside out; machine wash in gentle detergent.  Line or air dry; do not tumble dry. 

Organic Wool Killington Hiking Socks Size Chart