Venturer Survivor Shoulder Bag

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Rothco Venturer Survivor Shoulder Bag is a nice,  manageable bag that will carry your all day essentials with ease.  Includes a pocket that will tote and protect an iPad, with enough room to hold a couple of textbooks, plus wallet, phone, water bottle, and plenty of extras.  The Venturer Survivor Shoulder bag works as a high school or college book bag, commuter bag, and as a small carry on.  

The body is made of heavyweight canvas for long lasting durability, with a water repellent nylon interior.  Includes a heavy duty adjustable canvas strap, and GI latching buckle.  

Materials:  Heavyweight cotton canvas with water repellent Nylon liner.   

Dimensions:  10" x 11" x 5"    

Colors:  Black, Olive Drab, Khaki